Mirror Mirror DIY


Walnut Framed Mirror

If you have read any of my posts, you are probably aware that I currently rent a dark basement apartment. Ok, so you may not have already known that, because this is just a little baby blog so far, but there it is. I live in the world’s darkest apartment. (Probably not a fact, but it really feels that way sometimes.)

In an attempt to remedy this fact, I have made some serious changes to our apartment. I stripped the cabinets, installed under the cabinet lighting, spray painted lots of stuff hot pink and painted big, pretty chevron stripes on the wall. I pray that I can get some of these projects posted, but the lighting is still so dang bad that I have been balking at the idea like a skiddish horse trying to jump a post for the first time.

You know what does a great job at helping to light up a room? A mirror. (Whenever I think about this concept I always imagine that scene from “The Mummy” where they tilt a strategic mirror and the light is refracted all over the room.) But mirrors are expensive. And usually, I find that they are ugly. So I did what any clever, handy person would do and found an old one to [carefully] rip apart and redo.

First, I found this mirror from the Habitat for Humanity for $10. Can you believe it?! I bet you can.


Notice the broken corners. And what a shame to that pretty wood. Wait, it’s not wood, it’s totally foam. Foam. No kidding.

No matter, I didn’t buy it for the frame. I bought it for the glass. Here is the crucial bit: look for the mirror that you like, not the frame. We are buying the glass here. Unfortunately, if the frame is “pretty”, they will mark it up, so I actually hit the jackpot here.

Carefully, and I mean CAREFULLY pull the frame off. Don’t get yo pretty self cut. The edges will be sharp, trust me.

This was my first project to actually learn to cut wood myself. It was scary at first, then it was fun. Afterwords I made another mirror, all by myself!

We cut all four pieces of wood and then sanded and stained them. I used Miniwax Special Walnut because I love love love this color. The two side pieces were a nice redwood that I bought sometime back to make a window garden for my sister. The top and bottom were actually pine scraps that I needed to use. I felt like, because the parallel lines were the same, it would be ok with me if the tops and sides didn’t match perfectly. I thought it would add some charm. After staining, though, it mostly just looked uniform.

Then, I attached the individual boards together with L-brackets and wood glue. Lastly, I used something like this to hold the mirror in place. Something like this might actually even work better. I didn’t see the second item at the store, but it would ensure you could get a much more snug grip on that mirror. In fact, if made another, the second one is what I would use. In the end, I used four of the first type of clip on each of the long sides, and two on the bottom and top. For the top ones, I left the screw a little loose and swiveled the clip into position once the mirror was in place.

In the end, it looked like this:


The finished product


From afar.



Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest oven of all?

Loving it.


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