Framed Feathered Fan


While visiting my sister Cynthia in Cameroon last summer, we went shopping in this artisan’s market. She was trying to teach me how to negotiate, and told me the most important thing is to never let them know how badly you want something. Now if you have seen my page, you know that nonchalance is not really in my playbook. I can’t help but freak out when I see something I really really love. It could be an apartment, a puppy, a dress… or, in this case, a feather fan.

The guy could tell exactly how much I loved that thing and how much he was willing to pay. Despite the fact that I spoke neither French nor any local languages and my sister was clearly trying to communicate with him in several languages, he completely bypassed her to start hardballing me for the highest price he could get. (Of course, Cyn stepped in and was like, “Um, she may be dumb and in love but I’m not” and got us a much better price than I was willing to pay.)

I loved this fan. I mean, loved loved. When riding on the bus, I would get it out and fan myself like I was Christina Aguilera on The Voice and just smile for miles.


And people would smile back like they knew my joy. It reminded me a lot of the time I bought myself a slice of chocolate cake to-go at a cafe and the barista gave me a fork… just in case… and I ended up eating the whole thing while walking to my car. Same situation. Except I had chocolate over my face that time and instead of sharing my joy they were probably laughing at me. But no kidding, best chocolate cake in my life that day.

So anyway, brought this thing home and put it here:


But that didn’t feel right. Even though it was with a comb my sister brought back for me over Christmas and a post card she sent a few months into her Peace Corps service, it seemed like it needed a special spot. A place of honor.

Then I realized that I had this huge wall hanging that I am so sick of.


Yeah, it’s cool, but I’ve had it forever and it has moved with me to four, wait no, five different apartments. And, this thing is big, maybe 2 or 3 feet by the same, so I thought it would be perfect as a display for my fan. Out with the old, in with the new.

I planned to spray it black, but our apartment is seriously dark (being in the basement and all) so I changed my mind and thought lavender. But, in the midst of changing my mind, I decided to just try navy (as it is my favorite color) and boom. We have a winner. One day, when I am feeling adventurous I might try lavender.

As a finishing touch, I sprayed the frame silver (ahem, “chrome” is what the can says). Trying to get a little more shimmery things to reflect light up in our hobbit hole.

The result? Dashing, I do say.



This room has made a 360. Hopefully, I can post about the entire room transformation soon.

So to sum it up:

What you will need to accomplish the same look:

  • Wall art. Something you can put a small nail or tack into. Likewise, you could just cut a piece of plywood to fit a frame you love, sand it down, spray paint it and then tack the frame on.
  • A fan or some objet needing framing
  • Spray paint (2 colors, if you are spraying the frame
  • painter’s tape

I painted the background first, then covered the inside in parchment paper, taped around the edges where the background met the frame and sprayed the frame.  Once everything was good and dry, I added my small nail, hung this puppy up and added my fan. Add your nail or tack before spraying if you want it to blend in more. I just liked my gold nail.

Voila! Done and done.



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